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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2018 08:57 pm
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I think you're getting conflicting information because there was a period about two years ago where they were saying that 1 ton trucks were not allowed in, period. There was a specific weight rating, but I cant remember what it was, but it was basically 1 tons. There was no permit that alleviated this, as I remember. It was no go.

It only lasted a short time and was MOSTLY when crossing at the Texas border crossings. But I did talk to one person in the last two weeks who said he was stopped for this reason at Nogales Mariposa. They eventually let them enter after he sat there for many hours and they felt sorry for him (or so he thought). This was also during that period a couple years ago.

I havent heard of anything recently. I crossed in a 1 ton truck in November with no problem. I was pulling a utility trailer and they just wanted to make sure I had the registration and compared the VIN numbers on the trailer.

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