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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2018 05:47 pm
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Primary treatment is to settle solids. Secondary is to aereate to break the ammonia compounds into nitrite and nitrates. This is also done at the plant by the floating aerators in the settling ponds and the nitrites go off to the atmosphere. 

The SC plant does not have a tertiary system with media so the water is then is irrigated onto soil and grass that naturally contain nitrifying bacteria. This bateria converts the nitrate to nutrients  so that plants can use it as fertilizer as is done commonly all over the world.

Bacteria, parasites, virus and other pathogens are eliminated as a 4th process using chlorine or ozone at the well head or pump delivering potable water for human consumption. Filters do not kill pathogens.

All golfers know that golf course irrigation water is unfit for human consumption.  1000's of courses do this. 

I get it that you are trying to hurt the owners her in SC, but you spreading false info that also hurts our SC tourism is slander in my opinion. 

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