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 Posted: Sun Oct 7th, 2018 03:27 pm
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If this person can't show you the original TIP, then walk away, there is no price worth buying it.  The original person has to cancel the TIP.  There is a gray area in the time between owners.  As long as you have the old TIP and a "Captain's Letter" saying you are authorized to use the boat (in English & Spanish) you can operate the boat during the transaction.  Hopefully you are going through an escrow company and the transaction takes place in the US with delivery "offshore" keeping it offshore for 180 days to avoid taxes back in California.

By the way, when cancelled, you get a cancellation document that looks like the original TIP but proves the cancellation (attached).  

If you go to Banjercito, wear long pants, a button down shirt and regular shoes, I tie wouldn't hurt.  Anything else will be disrespectful and you won't get any help.  Don't ask me how I know this.  Respect their place of business it will go far.  I can't remember the name but the top guy there was very helpful, spoke good English, and was very knowledgeable regarding TIPs.  He/they can look up your vessel you are interested in to see if there are outstanding TIPs.

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