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 Posted: Sun Sep 30th, 2018 10:15 pm
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Lets Answer all the question
1. Lenny used the  money deposit from the Golf Towers to move the Tee Boxes and bulldoze the 11 fairway 9 Years ago  with the plan to sell Land for Cash. He paid a city official Cash to obtain permission. This was stopped. He still sold Land for cash on this none Existing Lots and the People want there Land or there money.

He defrauded all the People who invested in the Golf Tower by using the money for other purposes and tells drunk the story how stupid people are.

2. Lenny him self sold Land at the Golf Course at the 11 Fairway with the pretense this is Golf Course front property. Lot number 875 signed by him with documents saying campo de golfo.

3. If he destroys one fairway to sell what will stop him to do this 17 more times ?

4. Lenny is a criminal and I will explain: about 5 years ago Lenny needed cash to maintain his mistress who also was his secretary who he took to US for shopping trips and buying cars for her. Now I explain the part why he is criminal and how he defrauds his own current investors.
He decided to make 16 Lots on the 5 Fairway at the right side. He paid with property some official and his corrupt Attorney to get the property us lots permitted. Now he make a second company and also put a few Lots in his Mistress name and the rest he sold cheap for quick cash. A few month later he took his Mistress for another shopping trip to Tucson and got DRUNK and beat his Mistress with his cane and she told him we are finish. After Lenny returned to San Carlos he hide the Car he buy for her which was in her name in somebody's Garage. She want to the police and they arrested Lenny for car deaf and telling him he will go for a minimum for 3 years to prison. By this point Lenny ask his ex mistress what she want and she told him she wants 40K$. Lenny said I don't have this money and she told him exactly where he have 40K$ in cash hidden from his investors in his office His Attorney want to the office picked up the 40K$ in cash exactly where she told him where the money was and give all to the ex mistress and She kept all the Lots in her name from Fairway number 5. I talked to her my self and she told me Lenny skimmed over the years hundred of thousand $$$ from the Company its a cash Business.