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 Posted: Wed Sep 19th, 2018 01:42 am
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After reading on-line it seems the TIP can be canceled by owner in person only.
Very confusing topic.. One boat seller told me the boat can have max 3 TIP's for life time and it seems to be not true. TIP has to be closed before a new one open.
Active TIP can be extended for 10 more years. Not clear what happen with expired TIP... It seems the boat banned from Mexico for lifetime. Considering inflated prices on boats in San Carlos I even considering to bring it from CA. But.. I have to find way to verify the boat I buying don't have open/expired TIP prior purchase.. If boat has one previous owner it might be straightforward.. With more than one.. who knows.. Guy went to Mexico 10 years ago didn't bother to close permit and here you are - stack with boat in CA instead of Mexico

 JCB wrote:
I don't know the answer to that but I doubt it will work.  You will need to go the the Banercito and aduana and ask them.  The bank is on Serdan a block or so west of the Singular marina and aduana is 2 doors east on the same side of the street.  Do NOT rely on anything the yacht brokers might tell you.   You must go the the bank and aduana and get the answer from them.   The tip is not something that you can finesse and if it isn't done correctly, the boat will either have to leave Mexico or it will be impounded.

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