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 Posted: Fri Aug 10th, 2018 09:48 pm
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#9 translation;
A judicial proceeding at the Hotel Playa de San Carlos, again disturbed residents by the presence of patrol units and personnel of the AMIC, the morning of this Tuesday.
At ten-thirty in the morning, the representative of the Common Public Prosecutor's Office arrived at the hotel located on the scenic boulevard, to comply with a judicial order for the restitution of property.
With the support of members of the Ministerial Agency of Criminal Investigation, the MP proceeded with the eviction of the personnel of the administrative area, in addition to making an inventory of what is inside the property.
The diligence is part of a legal process between individuals for the property.
So far, San Carlos is under permanent surveillance by the Gendarmerie division of the federal police, the PESP and Semar, with no violent incidents recorded so far