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 Posted: Fri Aug 10th, 2018 02:47 pm
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Guaymas, Sonora.- Erick Evatt, 69 years old, died tonight while receiving the first attentions in the Guadeloupe Pavilion, where he was admitted around 21:05 hours with an entrance hole in the frontal region of the head , apparently of projectile fired by a firearm.Of American origin, Herick was the husband of Catalina Ordaz, widely known in the real estate market in the San Carlos police station, Nuevo Guaymas, where the events took place.In this regard, it was learned that his relatives found him on the floor of the bedroom of his residence, located in the Villahermosa sector, in a pool of his own blood, so they immediately requested the services of paramedics of San Carlos Rescue, who were responsible for moving it to the Guadalupe Pavilion.He was just receiving the first medical attention when his death happened, due to serious injury.The staff of the Expert Services of the Attorney General's Office of the State were immediately notified of the case, who first went to the aforementioned hospital and later to the scene of the events, in order to collect evidence and establish what happened.From Opinion Sonora