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 Posted: Wed Jun 20th, 2018 05:22 pm
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Well, los Ostioneros de Guaymas finished for the year at .500... However, that finish put them in 9th place... Therefore, they were ineligible for the playoffs (8 teams). I guess there is always next year.

At the moment, it looks like los Rayos de Hermosillo are the favorites, despite finishing in 2nd place for the season.

Los Halcones de Obregon are surprising as they finished in 8th place just barely ahead of Guaymas, but have taken a very strong lead in the first round of the playoffs against the 1st place Ganna Cañera de Navolato.

"La Ganna Cañera de Navoloto is a very small market team and I was hoping they would do well.

Anyway an hour drive north to HMO or an hour south to OBR and you can see some CIBACOPA playoff action.

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