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 Posted: Wed Jun 13th, 2018 07:00 pm
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First off, I'm not a cyclist anymore, only an observer. There are many folks here and around here with road bikes and many get togethers and many on the roads from the turn around at Paradiso beneath the Tetas along the Bahia and around Guaymas, San Jose. I'm thinking just another bike, albeit a 5000. bike. I would certainly treat it as easily removed from an exterior rack. Maybe remove wheels/tires and travel with it inside or have it well  locked down and secured. At that cost, I would assume you can disassemble it in a heartbeat. Anyone else might as easily. Not preaching doom and gloom because there are many bikes and I'm sure some high end mountain and road bikes. Just be very wary as there are lots of local folks who use bikes as well, LOL. Maybe someone will chime in. You will have a great experience, road or mountain. I might add, there are a few pumas up in the mountains but I would have more concern with Wildcats while wearing Husker stuff, LOL! Ron

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