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 Posted: Tue May 15th, 2018 09:04 pm
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100's of [female dorado] are being harvested everyday by the locals to sell to the restaurants. So I don't think this beginner diver is going to impact the resource to drastically and if he has a licence he can harvest his limit like anyone else.

Bullshipper....everything you said is quite accurate. Everything you said is just as true with my minor revision. so why do most of us try to avoid killing female dodos despite fact that they grow and reproduce much faster than grouper?

I don't realistically figure sport fishermen and spearos together make much of a difference in the big pic. my comment was only meant as an aspirational goal for the OP, esp when one is in the learning stage about what shots NOT to take. I offed plenty of grouper sharks etc in my younger daze before I knew better.