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 Posted: Sun May 13th, 2018 02:41 pm
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There are buses after 11:00 pm.

You have to decide for yourself. Many of us choose to not drive at night on 15 because of the construction and drivers who pass unsafely. If you read any of the local newspapers you know there have been a significant number of fatalities the past year or two. However, we have taken a cab back to San Carlos at night (not as late as your trip will be but dark) from the airport but with a driver we trust. If I was going to go at night I would opt for the cab rather than Tufesa. He will take you right to your house in San Carlos and you don´t have to deal with getting a taxi to Tufesa and from Tufesa in San Carlos. I can give you the number of the taxi driver we use if you wish. Other people have drivers they like also. It costs around 1400 mx.

I don´t consider it hyper risk adverse to take into consideration drunk drivers (quite a number) and road construction when deciding whether to travel at night. While there are many ways one can die, traffic accidents remain one of the highest.