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 Posted: Fri Apr 20th, 2018 04:13 pm
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I never go on Saturday or Sunday anyway. Too crowded for me.

Plus I'm sure part of the fee is to cover the cost of cleaning up all the trash the people leave behind on the beach.

Regardless of the "rules in Mexico" about beaches being public I don't think the Coppel family are going to give away the valuable asset they bought at the old Club Med.......the beautiful beaches!

Apart from them being very successful and wealthy Mexican folks, they own and operate some splendid resorts in Mazatlan so they know what they are doing.

Their Emerald Beach Resort is a top of the line destination, well run and desirable. As we all know some rules mean nothing in Mexico and especially for the IPs (important people) which the Coppel's are part of.

I'll be happy to see a 5 Star resort built on that property some day which will benefit San Carlos immensely. I only hope Soggy Peso and Sunset are part of their finished project one day.