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 Posted: Mon Apr 16th, 2018 10:19 pm
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johnmoore wrote: Jimmy, more important that what these two establishments are charging, is where are you getting 20 to 1 exchange rate pesos to dollars. That's something that will really peak interest.

Yeah, the best you could probably get right now is 17.5 or so. That's about 2.85 to park. A 250% increase from last year.

Sometimes the workarounds work, sometimes they don't. Contrary to what keeps being posted by you-know-who, the business cards from Frank and Lisa havent worked for a couple years. And sometimes you can boldly drive through without stopping and the guy wont chase you down, that's for sure. But sometimes he has an obstruction there.

It really isnt fair to blame "these two establishments". It is not Frank and Lisa's doing. It's the landowner. I guess that is the Coppels, at this point?

I suspect they will begin charging it on Mexican holidays, too.