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 Posted: Sun Apr 8th, 2018 04:42 pm
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Our friend Susan has been diagnosed with a major heart problem which may require open heart surgery if the problem worsens. A highly regarded biological doctor here in Mexico has recommended a 3 month long treatment program to return her heart to a healthy condition. This treatment would not be covered by insurance, so it would have to be paid by Susan out of pocket. It may also involve Susan living in Hermosillo while receiving treatment, which would be an additional expense. It would be fantastic for us to be able to present enough money to Susan so that she could consider having this treatment. 

The alternative treatments have been estimated around $3,000, plus lodging for 3 months in Hermosillo. Soggy Peso has been kind enough to host the event along with the rock & roll band Asterisko. So come on out and enjoy some great music at the best little bar in San Carlos for a very worthy cause.

FRIDAY- APRIL 13th (yes, Friday the 13th)
3:00 till ????

Donations may also be sent to:

Bob Berg
4549 E. 24th St.
Tucson, Az

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