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 Posted: Thu Apr 5th, 2018 02:17 pm
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I've got a few bass rods ready today and some 1/4 oz. spoons. Good to hear about larger ones. I saw one pod of larger fish that was chasing a few flying fish. We had better fish the previous days, although a few 2#ers ( grouper snacks - released) on Tuesday. There are probably some cabrilla and Baya biting by now. Blue mackerel works, maybe as there is a ton of ballyhoo in areas. Otherwise, 10s and 15's with light leader.Jigs had to be super small. Blue water on the outside. Could be tuna 5 out or on the Horseshoe. Days of Southeast winds in the forecast. We'll see dorado and marlin real soon. A few decent Island reports. Haven't heard about Pando or Tortuga.