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 Posted: Sat Jan 13th, 2018 09:57 pm
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I guess my first note was lost.
Connect with a Haywire twist. You need a swivel. A longer leader can keep any seaweed farther away at the swivel, but the lure will run higher. If you connect to backing best to use a swivel and not use the wire connection too long. Reel the connection on with a lowered rod. Too many runs over guides and the connection weakens. You need a heavy rod with all roller guides. I sure like the cranking power and wire spool of a lever drag Shimano TLD 50. Check out the combo price with Capt'n Harry's. Watch your lines, turns, and what other lines you put out. Sometimes that extra depth is critical for that dinner fish. I had a planer board for an extra ten feet catching five times more than the other line one day. Lastly, avoid being the one to have to reel in the fish. That TLD makes it a whole lot easier though.