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 Posted: Wed Nov 15th, 2017 03:28 am
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I doesn't matter if that bull - now down to a steer - has 2, 4, or even a not unusual extra one to make 5 tits - the Comisario has ZERO control over the police, has ZERO budget, has ZERO authority. As was explained to me by a very well connected gentleman - he's appointed and he's only here to keep the expats calm while THEY are milked - paying their property taxes and then paying for their own roads, lights, etc. Wake up and smell the roses - if you want to live here without gritting your teeth, lay on your back and enjoy the diddling.

He also said the rule for self rule is a population of 10K - they you can be a "county". We're not there - so - let the music and the diddle go on.