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 Posted: Sun Oct 15th, 2017 03:27 am
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I hear you Ron, people like to trash the Ranchitos. I would like to say I could afford a McMansion in a gated community on the water but I can't. I still prefer to live without an HOA telling me what color i can paint my house and where I can park and on and on. I would like to hear the difference between the Ranchitos and (for example) Villa Hermosa. is that area 'sanctioned'? Does the city maintain their streets? Don't think so. So they have sewer and it runs into the ocean. Better than septic tanks?  Caballero created the Ranchitos subdivision just like most other subdivisions in this town.  It was to have an alternative for people that wanted a little more space and a whole lot less rules.  Again, to each his own.  

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