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 Posted: Sun Oct 15th, 2017 12:17 am
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True that real estate promoters does not tell ALL the truth. Why Ranchitos does not have proper streets , water installations and even lightning? The answer I got is simple but hard to swallow.. Ranchitos is not a regular development., housing was not planned nor approved to be there, Ranchitos should be part of the desert landscape and NOT a housing development.

The fact that We have now a sizable housing development there has made both the city, CEA and all other public providers to accept the reality that inhabitants are there to stay and for a number of years they have tried to give services to a population that was not approved to develop there, nor infrastructure to supply them was planned or in place before they started up.

Fortunately or not Baca will be banned in minutes , thanks god , from this forum so the lecture of what happened in the  century when He arrived and experienced the ranchitos startup and all other SC historical events, including the french invasion, will be saved to the reader... so you will have to believe in the part of this story I have been taught,

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