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 Posted: Wed Oct 11th, 2017 04:12 pm
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Vince Radice

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Anyone who believes that converting San Carlos to it's own Municipio with be a panacea for all of our problems is kidding themselves. Property taxes are chump change in the grand scheme of things here.

Having our own court house and our own Judges and Ministero Publicos will not change the nepotistic and dysfunctional and corrupt judicial system here.

Being in control of the Municipal police will not change the fact that the police will still try to extort money from Tourists and in general are often responsible for crimes committed in this town. (A good friend just last week was stopped by local cops on three different occasions) After they couldn't extort him the tried to get him to buy two San Carlos police stickers at the inflated price of 400 pesos.

Being our own Municipio means that who ever controls the government here would have a tremendous amount of money to skim off the top and put into their pockets. It is the Mexican way in politics.

But there would be no more complaining about Guyamas controlling San Carlos and the corrupt government officials that will come with being our own Municipio will be our corrupt officials and no one else.

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