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 Posted: Wed Oct 11th, 2017 03:29 pm
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Vince Radice

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Xicotencatl wrote: Vince Radice wrote:
No worries Xicotencatl, you can continue to swim in circles as long as you please. I already know the solution and it is all about investment in infrastructure as well as enforcement of current zoning laws coupled with creation of new rules and laws to strengthen unique coastal communities such as San Carlos. Investment comes from tax revenue and a MUNICIPIOS ability to petition for state and federal funding. San Carlos as a COMISARIA of course can not petition for anything. BUT San Carlos Comisaria can learn from San Jose De Guaymas Comisario, who just last week downloaded over 230,000 USD for his community, WORKING with his city management. Your comment is very funny, Just thinking in making independent San Carlos is chasing your own tail, which in fact not only makes you swim in circles, you also walk on earth moving likewise, not all of Us moves like that. a straight objective can make you move upwards , not in circles.
Well perhaps you should illuminate more on this "downloaded" sum of 230,000 USD? Is that a loan? Is that free money from state or federal government? After that perhaps you could have mentioned this to our wonderful Comisario and led him down the path to funding some projects in San Carlos. Be serious, there is far more funding available to a Municipo than a Comisaria and you clearly know that. You are being totally disingenuous with your comment. 
Citizen apathy will prevent any of that from happening. depends on how and where do you motivate citizens to go, I will show a MAJOR degree of apathy for chasing utopias. 
 Just out of curiosity how much community organizing have you done here in this community? 

Explain to me how the idea of making a Comisaria into a Municipo is some kine of Utopia? No one in the group of people that I have worked with for several years has ever mentioned anything about a "Utopia"