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 Posted: Fri Oct 6th, 2017 09:45 pm
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Richard Baca wrote: Okay folks, I've let the bait run for 48 hours now from post No. 62 (thanks Johnmoore!) and we caught some small fry but no whoppers. By "whopper" I mean someone to come forward first hand to say something like, "she screwed me out of property or trust No. xxx on Calle yy yyyy on zz/xx/yyyy". Well, I hope now everyone can see it's all smoke with no substance. The smart ones, of course, get it, but it's those malcontents on here that I want to see the light. With that, I'm outta here unless I see some substance. ¬°Adiosamente!
Okay Baca, in fact with this last statement you are far more than a whopper, your lack of credibility IS NOW AUGMENTED as you continue setting more conditions ( where you are not in the position to set them)  to face your direct relatives and also  your in-laws reality and obviously, if somebody wishes to share more than the criminal case file numbers, date and court (which can be seen ad nauseam here) We all know you will now ask then  for fingerprints, birth certificates,recent face pictures in black and white and address for notifications of both parties involved, the judge and the entire court,  
 Trying to make our elder crew, those old gringos, that made their country admired and respected with principles, good faith and hard work , safer on their investment of life long savings and the promise of a golden retreat is what motivates me to shout out loud scams and fingerpoint individuals which belongs to jail and where the moral judgment of the rest of Us has to be relentless.
Your statements lacks substance, credibility and truthfulness .Let me align with those Not SMART enough that will skip any comment from you on this and many other subjects from now on. ADIOS AMIGO !!

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