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 Posted: Fri Oct 6th, 2017 08:12 pm
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Richard B. I think you misread and misinterpreted my post you referenced. It was a satirical effort, not a compliment. As for your last post, many have come forward with direct evidence and documentation of cases against your in-laws. Many have come forward with lore and direct knowledge of cases. Many have expressed in posts here that they were involved in cases that were adjudicated. There have also been improprieties that have never made it to court as they were settled prior, of which 3 of these I have first hand knowledge. The one and only thing you have going for you, is your constant denial of these facts, yes facts. How is it you expect to be believed when confronted by so many. Are these all liars?? Why?? What is there to gain from this?? You act as if these snowbirders came here looking for a fight, most came in their later years, with the expectations they would be treated fairly going through the trust process, and in many cases that was far from the truth.