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 Posted: Fri Oct 6th, 2017 03:58 am
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VisitorSanCarlos wrote: Xicotencatl wrote:VisitorSanCarlos wrote: i repeat has anyone ever won on any of these lawsuits i think the courts are the final word has anyone collected damages from anyone else has anyone gone to prison
VSC several lawsuits, coming from 2014,2015,2016 and maybe more to add this year are still on.... haven't check the first,second or third season lawsuits BUT please, when you measure an individual professional practice in lawsuits seasons with 10 chapters each extending for almost 20 years, who really cares how many were won or lost ???

i think the old saying is anyone can sue anyone for anything anytime some suits are legitimate and some are vindictive but the final arbiter is the judge and jury so no one yet claims a victory victory strange don't you think  Xicotencatl were you party to any of the suits or are you just parroting 

this subject has been discussed ad nauseam. NOT being a visitor at SC and having voice and vote in my own country it makes me sick the "apparent" impunity on how "business" is conducted in this region. 
It is true that Law practice in Mexico has its flaws, especially in places like our wild west Sonora state, but it is not like that or always like that in Sonora or in the whole country, not to mention that I have seen not very different surprises in justice cases NOB. 
Anyway, being related or not to any of those cases does not disqualify me to observe with social conscience how scams in real estate has happened in here. Have all the right and maybe the capability to see, verify and form my point of view and share  If I wish, regardless if you like it or not. THEY ARE NOT OVER AND THE STACK WITH FRESH CASES GROWING, perhaps an amparo have some of them out of Jail , which simply means they may have arrest orders against, BUT AGAIN WHO CARES? too much fire and hope the community is aware of what can happen with this type of profiles. Are you related to some of them at the other side of the table?