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 Posted: Sun Oct 1st, 2017 02:05 am
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Richard Baca


Mr. Stephenjay, if you don't know what you're talking about, it would be best for you to not perpetuate lies that you have apparently heard from who knows whom. To set the record straight again:

1. Catalina never had a license so there was none to lose.

2. She has NEVER been a "guest of the State of Sonora" as you put it.

3. She never caused anyone any problems in real estate dealings. Quite to the contrary she has assisted many over the years in completing many difficult transactions. She was once the San Carlos Fiduciary Officer for Banamex.

4. She was one of the financiers of the three (not two as you say) towers. It was the other financier (and his partners) that reneged on the completion. That guy even went so far as to claim to have been a U.S. Senator from Wyoming once and another time from Idaho. Zurdo Rodriquez believed it and even published the supposed fact in his local editorial. 

5. You claim to have "first hand factual experience". Okay, let's hear it. This, "many people that would strongly disagree with you" BS is just that, BS.
I really would like to know where all of this nonsense originates. It has really reached the level of an "urban legend" and yet no one can come up with any specifics. It's all just "I heard that..." or "everyone know that..." but never does anyone come up with any specifics. "Guest of the State of Sonora" and "she wore orange and black"; SHeeeSH! I mean really folks(!) the implication is that she went to jail! C'mon! Just ain't so! But there are naive San Carlenses that will believe it because they heard if from a "reliable source". Well, I call on those "reliable sources" to here and now tell us what they know!

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