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 Posted: Sat Sep 30th, 2017 04:57 pm
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A friend of mine sent this, she said it was on Viva, but only lasted about 2 minutes....then gone.  I thought it was an interesting observation.
"A great colorful era in San Carlos real estate has ended, seems like Snowbird, Star and Sunshine have all gone into retirement, Snowbird was the shining star, actually reached rock star status as she received a lot of attention for questionable dealings, lost her sales license and got to wear 'orange & black", a monument stands in her honor - an unfinished condo tower, Star reality was more tame, however, they will always be remembered for the "dragoon has been slain' posting, claimed trusts were eliminated, sadly not true, Sunshine operated straight forward and correctly, good job Sunshine, oh and the fourth sister was pretty much behind the scenes, I wonder why her house has Constantine wire/razor wire atop the perimeter fence, is it to keep people out or in?"