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 Posted: Thu Sep 21st, 2017 10:47 pm
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Richard Baca


THANKS "VisitorSanCarlos"! That's the healthy kind of attitude I like to see! Our motto is this is "Let's git 'er done!"

RichD the LDM road is just one of the projects on the table. Of more immediate concern are the topes by Totonaka going West and before Charly's Rock going East. Then there's Calle "0" from Avenida "H" (LDM road) to Avenida "I" and back to Blvd. M.F. Beltrones; this is the street in front of Telmex that everyone uses when paying their phone bill. And there are others but yes, LDM is on the list and suggestions are welcome.

BTW, examples of private funding for street improvements include the street on the West side of the Crestón Hotel, two blocks long; Almost all of the Country Club; the gatehouse and street going up the Caracol Peninsula; the street back through Loma Bella and a few other smaller ones. It's true that these were mostly funded by frequent users, but we all use them at some point and it's nice to have. My salient point though is that the City only issued the permits; they didn't provide any funding.

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