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 Posted: Sat Aug 26th, 2017 07:31 pm
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Richard Baca wrote:As they pulled away we see in the video, a black car stop on the West bound frontage and an obviously inexperienced shooter emerges with a semi-automatic rifle, and because he didn't have it "safed", he accidentally let a round go into the pavement (that's the puff of dust we see on the road), and then shoots a couple of semi-auto rounds at the fleeing car.

not exactly, the driver of the dark car, fires while still in the car!! you can clearly see the muzzle blast "door closed" prior to  exiting the car and shouldering the weapon! there where 2 other shooters in the dark car, one on the passenger side and one in the back seat. it appears they both fired!!!
these are the indiscriminate rounds that where fired!

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