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 Posted: Sat Aug 26th, 2017 05:18 pm
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¨HEY ALL YOU FEAR MONGERS! STOP and think for a second or two... Were any innocent bystanders hurt in all of this? NO, and not likely that there would be in a targeted hit! For cryin out loud(!), if you're not involved in the illicit drug trade, just chill out!! Ain't nuthin gonna happen to your silly worried arse!!¨  Richard Baca post 41.

Let´s not be stupid. The fact that innocent bystanders were not killed or injured in this incident when there was a high speed chase with bullets flying is merely good luck. I love San Carlos and will be back in a couple of months but this particular incident was significantly more serious than we have seen in the past. Unfortunately, I saw no more than cursory coverage in the local press so who knows what is really going on.

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