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 Posted: Mon Aug 14th, 2017 05:32 pm
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Richard Baca


Hook, Frankie and others, SEMARNAT and PESCA are responsible for fishing WITHIN the 12 mile territorial limit (from both sides of the Gulf). It's the Mexican Navy that patrols the international waters of the Gulf and that's a legal grey area due to the Worldwide legal status of the 200 mile "economic zone" claimed by some countries. In other words, if the Mexican Navy intercepts a long liner in the international waters of the Gulf, what are they able to do?

As for SEMARNAT and PESCA inside of the 12 mile limit there is very little enforcement. Just think of how many sports fishermen and women actually EVER get a valid fishing license even though it is required!? Corruption? Yeah it's suspected, but within the 12 mile limit, who is paying and for what? We can all speculate but hard facts are difficult to come by.