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 Posted: Tue Jul 25th, 2017 09:19 pm
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I will tell you about her. She had Amigos Trust, (right next to Mega Cable) which would do bank trusts through Interacciones. A few Real Estate Agents would use her exclusively to do their documents for property transfers. Carman would take the money and not do the work, so after a certain period of time, the buyers would inquire as to when their trust documents would be finished, and they would never get an honest answer or their trust documents, and the buyer would have to go elsewhere to get their paperwork done for the transfer, and be out of pocket twice. Interacciones was not very interested in what was happening when I called Mexico DF and complained on behalf of several of my clients. No transparency and accountability. Bad business, and I know of atlas one Real Estate company that told their client it was out of their not taking responsibility for their clients having to use Amigos Trust. Her reputation has not been stellar for many years. Could never understand why she was still in business.