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 Posted: Sat Jul 1st, 2017 08:26 pm
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I promised an update when I knew more, here it is.  Probably won't be any more updates unless they change some laws.

Just got back from San Carlos, geez it is hot down there this time of year.  Anyway, I was working on a friends TIP problems and ended up talking with Banjercito in Guaymas. There are a lot of people having problems like my friend (he lost his TIP, and does not have prev owner’s TIP).  Not the lost TIP part, but the "two TIPs on one boat part".  Banjercito shows 2 outstanding TIPs on his boat, one the prev owner, one his.  If you do not have the original TIP with holograms for all outstanding TIPs on that boat, then there is no way currently to cancel those TIPs and allow new ones.  

I asked if you could take it to the border, pay a fine, anything, they said not at this time.  If you don’t have the original hologram TIP, you can’t cancel it, they won’t allow a new one.  My friend is screwed, the marina is asking for his TIP (he lost it), they say if he can’t get it or a new one (not possible cause he can’t cancel the old ones) then he has to get the boat out of the marina – can’t have it in Mexico.  They are starting to get real about this stuff.  Tried to get a new one online and we got called out on it, hoped it might work because his old one was handwritten, thought it might notr be in the computer database - it was - so was the previous owners...
As it stands, They tell me I have to take my boat back to the US in 2024 when my TIP expires, cancel both the previous owners (I have the Prev owner's TIP w hologram) and mine at the same time (they won’t/can’t cancel the previous owner's TIP in Guaymas), then they will allow me to request a new tip to extend the stay of my boat for another TIP.  When I sell it, I give my TIP to the new owner (only 1 TIP on HIN now), he can get his (now 2 TIPs on HIN), then has to do what I did… go figure…  

They say the laws were changed a few years ago and the TIP allowance is per the boat HIN, not the person anymore.  They say only 2 TIPs can be open on a boat at one time, i.e., just like our situation.  I can’t sell the boat until I cancel both tips.  Not sure why I can’t check out and surrender the TIPs in Guaymas, but that is what they are telling me, the boat must go to another country before it can come back and have a new TIP after 2 TIPs have been placed on the boat (per HIN).  Hope they change the laws.
Banjercito can look up and tell you if there are any other outstanding TIPs on your boat and who has them.  I would call the Banjercito office in Guaymas, as the number on the internet is useless unless you speak Spanish.  They were very helpful, courteous and spent over an hour with me regarding this, I feel they treated me well there.  I did not feel they were there to "bust me on the TIP situation", they were as frustrated as we are.

This is my interpretation of the situation, the advice is worth what you paid for it...  If anyone has better information or corrections, by all means, please share.