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 Posted: Thu Jun 1st, 2017 04:16 pm
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VisitorSanCarlos wrote: Richard Baca wrote: Visitor, I don't know if the above quoted number is correct or not, but whatever the number is, it ain't gettin spent here! And therein lies the issue at hand!

i think that is my point.  is there an accurate accounting.  how would we know.  
it is easy to toss out our wild accusations and numbers.  true or not there should be some way to know where these numbers come from.  

Guaymas has a long standing reputation for corruption so "getting to the bottom" of their accounting is a rather novel goals since the state controller has had no success with the same task for decades.
This town is large enough to support a municipal government, so the task at hand is to motivate enough local mexicans and out of towners to come to vote on it to get enough votes for quorum.