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 Posted: Wed May 31st, 2017 06:47 pm
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This is a map of all Municipios in the state of Sonora. Some are large like Hermosillo, Guaymas, Pitiquito and Caborca. Others are quite small like Aconchi, Atil, San Filipe de Jesus, Huepac and Divisaderos. 

I found it useful for knowing what ended where here in lower Sonora around Alamos. There are approx 90 distinct communities with populations above 50 persons in the municipio of Alamos (there are 317 registered communities, but only approx 90 with populations above 50, 21 of which are comisarias).

I would imagine the number is similar for Guaymas (again talking about areas with populations above 50, so that number won't be anywhere near the 1500 communities various websites report for Guaymas).  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a listing of communities for Guaymas. 

What can I say.. I like Geography.

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