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 Posted: Tue May 30th, 2017 05:18 pm
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Richard Baca


Frankie, You're right, in the macro economic sense but we're talking municipal microeconomics here. The corporate taxes you are referring to are federal and state taxes; the property taxes we are concerned about are local municipal property taxes that maintain local essential services. It has been said by a current municipal official, that 90% of San Carlos property owners (mostly in fideicomiso) pay their yearly property taxes on time (to get the discount), while 90% of Guaymas property owners DO NOT pay their property taxes. So YES, San Carlos is Guyamas' CASH COW! 
Just look at the greater Miramar area of Guaymas. That sector alone would generate as much as San Carlos does if they were taxed at the same mil rate (which they are not) BUT more importantly, IF THEY PAID!
What "bullshipper" is referring to above is just plain outright blatant corruption, and yes, IMO we have it here too, as circumstantially evidenced by the current debt that Guaymas has accumulated with inadequate accounting of application of the borrowed funds. 

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