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 Posted: Tue May 30th, 2017 05:09 pm
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I operated my mines in the Municipio de San Javier Sonoara, pop 800. The Pri or Pan gives it money to maintain the party line, and of course 4-10 milliion pesos dissapears after every presidente retires. There are also regidores, his cabient members so to speak, that also reap some extra benefits, and of course the town needs to install and maintain have its offices, jail, doctor, schools, etc. I wold also assume that SC would take responsibility for their own water, sewer, and have to upgrade La Manga if it lies within its jurisdiction.

The presidente in SJ makes about $30K pesos per month, but also has an expense account, vehicle, driver and a Hermosillo allowance, where they spend about 75% of their time on "official business" making their second homes there. The allowance is 4-5x their salary from what I am told plus what they siphon from the Municipo hardware and building suppy credit accounts.
So being presidente is a good job.

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