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 Posted: Tue May 30th, 2017 02:51 pm
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i don't think there is any argument regarding distribution of the tax revenues!
but what does san carlos nuevo guaymas bring to the table other than property taxes?
i have read many, many times that san carlos nuevo guaymas is the "CASH COW" !!!
is it? 
what are the 2 largest industries in the guaymas municipality?
i would say the sea food and agricultural industries out weigh every thing else!!
WHAT PERCENTAGE of the those MILLIONS of dollars "pesos" produced are placed back into "our" community???  
those 2 industries are probably the biggest offenders of "lost or un/taxed revenues"  
i would rather see pressure placed on those 2 industries, before i see my taxes double, triple, quadruple to support our own community!