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 Posted: Tue May 30th, 2017 04:23 am
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Guaymas is paid from San Carlos around 33% of its working budget from tax revenue. That is around $184,000,000 million pesos a year.

Guaymas gave San Carlos a budget of around 8 million pesos for 2017. That 8 million pesos is not for anything other than the police and the comisario office.

No money for infrastructure improvement or any other project for that matter. The comisario is never legally elected because they/Guaymas politicians don't want a comisario that would actually represent the interests of San Carlos.

Aslo Jimmy just to clarify. If San Carlos were it's own Municipio it would no longer have a Comisario. It would have a mayor or a "Presidente". Also it would have it's own court house and it's own Ministerio Publico. Now just imagine this.

What if we had a Minsiterio publico who was honest and would actually prosecute anyone who tried to get away with any real estate fraud in San Carlos! Wouldn't that be great!! And you are again right on the money with the police situation. Wouldn't it be nice if San Carlos had bilingual police that were not allowed to rip off local residents and actually were here to help?

Imagine how much money the city would make in speeding tickets here. I live one block off of the main road and anyone who has ever raised any kids in this town will agree that people drive around like maniacs here. One of my greatest fears was always that my kids were gonna get run down by a speeding car.

The Mexicans have to want this for their community. They could have it if they would be willing to fight for it. We shall see if that will happen or not.

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