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 Posted: Mon May 29th, 2017 03:20 am
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Bullshipper: Citizens of Guaymas do not vote on whether San Carlos would be it's own municipio or not. It is not up to Guaymas citizens. There are essentially two paths. One path is that the state legislature in Hermosillo votes in favor of the referendum that will be put before them. They can vote yes or they can vote no. The other path is more direct. Utilize Article 39 of the Mexican Constitution which Juan Carlos recites from memory in the video. I will para phrase Article 39, "It is the inalienable right of any Pueblo to change it's form or government when it decides to". It is not up to Guaymas. It is up to the Mexican residents of San Carlos.

Baca: No one is asking Americans to sign this document.This document is not for Americans to sign. Also if you would watch the video, Juan Carlos not myself, explains why Ruben Pinto is an illegal comisario. We are talking about a Mexican national who has spent several years studying the law.

Visitor San Carlos: A person can not be the comisario of San Carlos if they hold a permit to sell alcohol. It is stated in the law. Again this information comes from Juan Carlos Gonzales and Victor Parra Maldonado. Two people who have spent a lot of time researching the law. Of course when has Guaymas ever cared about what is legal and what is not in regards to San Carlos, their cash cow.

Susanr: Yes please ask your Mexican friends to sign this letter. Which is a far better and more pertinent document that was written by a lawyer not an illegitimate comisario who just recently tried to sucker Americans into paying out of their own pocket to fix our ailing infrastructure. Remember why Ruben didn't invite Mexicans to the meeting? The few that showed up were in disbelief of what he proposed.

Jimmy: You are right on the money. What it takes is local Mexicans to simply exercise their inalienable rights under Article 39 of the Mex. Constitution.

Long Time Resident: Yes this is all about public services which Juan Carlos explains in the video. Guaymas is illegally denying San Carlos the services that it is guaranteed under Mexican Law. It has been well documented. Juan Carlos shows you in the video, that you obviously watched with great attention, all the painstaking documentation that has gone into this.