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 Posted: Sun May 28th, 2017 11:16 pm
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Richard Baca wrote: Bullshipper & MaryT, This would be a local referendum and the qualifications of an eligible voter are:

1. Credencial de votante, voter registration card;
2. Property in San Carlos recorded in his/her name;
3. Utility bills in his/her name, (prior six months).

The legal boundaries of San Carlos are those of the three ranches that make up San Carlos: Rancho El Baviso (the biggest one with all of the Ranchitos and Creston); Rancho Bahia San Carlos (the smallest) and Rancho Algodones (West side). I don't know if Pilar, Delphin, Arecifes or any of the Ejido Buenos Aires could join in the referendum but I suspect not because they are outside of the "Nuevo Guaymas" designation, (still within the 85506 zip code though, hmmmm...?).

To be clear, I am for this, I just think its an uphill fight that's impossible to pull off if the voters in Guaymas have a vote. I have been asked on the street for money repeatedly after asking for directions, so I believe the residents also feel we are their cash cow. Their situation is really desperate.