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 Posted: Wed May 3rd, 2017 04:18 pm
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we have 2 threads with the same theme! one announcing the meeting, the other the petition!
i have posted on both!
 there is a common concern for the water and the legitimacy of CEA!!
i see a lot of finger pointing from the posters!  please remember for the one finger you are pointing 3 are pointing back at you! 
all the posters regardless of their individual differences have a common concern "the water"!!! 
that is what will unite the concerned and ability to do something!
ruben pinto, attempt was the forming a meeting, as commisario!
richard baca, sounding the concern for a meeting, time and date!
vince radice, video tapping the water leaks and concerned citizens, valuable statistics!!
all three at least making an attempt to do something!
frank romero; if you want it done, do it yourself or organize and get it done! 
i posted how i corrected my new meter plumbing problems at my expense!
vince has a video in one of these posts, where the neighbors organized and placed new water pipe!
that is the sort term solution for a long time problem!


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