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 Posted: Wed May 3rd, 2017 03:34 pm
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So back on topic, after reviewing what happened at the meeting, I can totally understand why the officials LIED. (as they normally do, it is political) The water bill has increased in the past ten years. (I have all the bills to prove it) The government didn't require that all the meters be replaced, that was a local decision. Nothing is going to change, because the powers in office do not want change. Yes, the water company is corrupt, and has been since I moved here in 1980. (this is not speculation, it is fact) After spending a few thousand dollars to put in water to the area where my husband and I were building, many others hooked up to the pipe, incorrectly, and the water company told us that once it is in, it belongs to them, but they have done nothing to maintain. Until the people that are controlling the water clean up their act, and take care of business as it should be, we will continue to have all of the negative issues concerning the distribution of the water. It all comes down to "who you know, and who you are". Something needs to be done, and I do not see it happening. Things have only gotten much worse. I hate to sound so negative about this, but it is extremely frustrating to see the steady decline in water service, and nothing is changing. Good luck with the petition. I hope it helps.