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 Posted: Fri Apr 28th, 2017 05:09 pm
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johnmoore, where did you get this quote from Vince Radice? If he did write it, there is a lot of inaccurate "puffing". I was directly and officially involved in Estero Soldado issues as were other scientists. The zip line environmental impact study work and final document were done by our group. Through the mayor, Otto Classen, that document was key to convincing the federal government to order the towers removed and to impose a stiff fine. In none of this work, which was done very quietly and in the background, was Vince Radice involved. In fact, our group feared that Vince would find out what we were doing and inappropriately spread partial and inaccurate information as has been his habit on other things he has done. We did all of this in secret because our careers were on the line had the previous administration chose to seek revenge for our work. However Vince claims to have participated in the zip line removal, I never saw him (nor was he invited) participate in those processes that ultimately removed the towers.

I might add that, in addition to our work, there was an ongoing community outcry by the citizens of Guaymas regarding the towers. It was this strong community support, partly due to Victor Parra's fine work and newspaper articles, that kept us encouraged as we worked in the background. The good thing about the whole tower fiasco was that it demonstrated to everyone, including the Anglo community in San Carlos, that Mexican's do care about their environment. In my mind, the tower fiasco served to solidify this idea.

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