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 Posted: Wed Apr 26th, 2017 05:26 pm
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Not being a real handyman, what makes copper so desirable? How does the copper-to-PVC/ABS connection go? I have PVC coming in from the street.

Hey, if commodities come roaring back, that copper piping will be a magnet for thieves the way all the copper wiring was when copper was much higher.

Maybe it's true that these meters weren't mandated by the Feds, as was stated at the meeting. In any event, meters SHOULD be installed at all locations. It discourages waste.........and I am a Ranchitos resident who still hasn't had CEA install a meter. But I'm drip all the way, no lawn, no pool, low water trees, one bedrooom, one bath and one trailer.

Now, theoretically, if all paying customers had meters workings and CEA measured the amount of water coming IN to San Carlos, one could easily figure how much water is lost to  leakage. Water coming in - water passing through all the meters = water wasted.

I dont suppose CEA would want that figure to be publicized. :shock:

So, these new meters they are installing, are they "smart" meters than can be read with electronics or are they analog meters that must be read by "hand"? If the latter, I just don't see CEA coming around and reading them. 

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