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 Posted: Sun Apr 23rd, 2017 11:55 pm
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Richard Baca


Frankie, there are three wells that feed water to San Carlos. The water main comes from North along the highway on the West side then West into SC along the North side of the SC access. It's not visible but it's there and the evidence is that you have water (sometimes). The evidence of the water being used elsewhere is the fact that our water is now rationed to the various neighborhoods whereas is used to be steady. You want to know where it's going? I suggest you ask CEA at the Town Meeting on Tuesday. As for pictures of the wellheads with their pumps, the two Guaymas newspapers have shown them from time to time. That's La Voz del Puerto and El Vigia.

When Guaymas Norte was planned, it was initially much smaller than what it has evolved into. The initial Guaymas water main was just for the first few hundred or so houses. As it grew (through INFONAVIT subsidies) water shortages reared their ugly head and the "derechohabientes", (new subsidized homeowners) complained loudly and, of course, threatened "to vote the bums out" and therin lies the political key to all of this: Those people VOTE and so, (1) must be kept happy so that (2) they vote PRI. So as Guaymas Norte grew, and water was needed, there came to pass a switch from the old COAPAES to the new (to us) CEA. A water main was put in from the highway junction to Guaymas Norte and a diversionary valve put in to divert a good part of water from "our" wells to Guaymas Norte. I have not verified this, but I consider my source to be extremely reliable, and it makes sense. The SC wells were engineered to supply a community of approximately 30,000, and between Guaymas Norte and SC, the system must now be right at or close to its designed capacity; ergo, our water shortages. IMO a solution to all of this is for CEA to drill a couple more wells into the Santa Clara aquifer to supply Guaymas Norte.

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