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 Posted: Wed Apr 19th, 2017 03:57 pm
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Yeah, it's strange how few people know about the perfect anchorage in Laguna La Cruz.  I live in Bahia de Kino year round and am on the water several times a week in my panga and/or Laser.   I routinely wander around in and out of the laguna.  A few years ago I took a a few days to map the channel with a GPS and sounder.  I couldn't believe how nice and straight it is.  Then I learned that in the 70's it was dredged as part of a marina project that collapsed (a precurser to the Escalera Nautica fiasco...).  Today Laguna La Cruz is managed as a RAMSAR site and is destined to get elevated protection from CONANP soon.  Its a wonderful place to hang out, full of birds and... sea turtles!

Here's a Youtube vid
Start at around 3:00 for a view of the mouth and the laguna