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 Posted: Tue Feb 21st, 2017 11:16 pm
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aligato wrote: Hook, What a horrible life for a dog, no human/other dog contact, locked up behind a fence so some gringo can have security....totally disagree, get a security company, they don't poop all over your yard!!!
The value of a security company is useless, outside of the limited value of a sticker being displayed, if they wont enter your property without the police being there, first. And that's what I've been told, they do. There is no armed guard response from Cyberco, or so the customers I know, claim. They wont confront the perps, or so I am told. In fact, one customer told me that a Cyberco employee told him that their main function was to make sure that the COPS didn't take anything while they were there to investigate. Made sense to me.

OK, then, just let the abandoned dogs in San Carlos die on the street. Shelly and I just took one that died in the street out to the hills this week. It laid there for 24 hours. It had been hit by a car or attacked by something. Blood everywhere. 

I think that's far worse than having a yard to live in and a couple meals each day. Not all dogs get homes and human companionship in Mexico. Look how many Mexicans with vacation homes leave dogs inside their compounds. We've fostered about 15 so far, but many more never get that chance. This idea gave them somewhat better conditions.

There are SOOOO many puppies right now in the Ranchitos that have no homes. The most I've ever seen. So sad, but we can't foster any this year.

I'll concede, there must be better ideas out there than rent-a-dog. I just thought it might be an idea that solved two problems.