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 Posted: Tue Feb 21st, 2017 12:58 pm
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i am a registered gun owner and licensed hunting guide here in mexico!i do not recommend anyone who does not have firearms training to own a gun,  much less to defend themselves with one! 
lets get some facts straight;
* you can own as many registered guns as you want! 
* you can only transport 10 guns at a time
* no military calibers rifles or pistols 
* you can own pistols .22, 38spl., .380, calibers
* to register guns in your name you must be a member of a hunting or gun club

* your transportation permit must be renewed annually
* your club membership renewed annually
* rifles and shotguns and .22 pistols are registered as hunting guns and the transportation permits state that.
* pistols 38spl. and .380 are registered as competition guns and the transportation permits state that 
if your neighborhood is having problems start a neighborhood watch program.
get a dog or dogs!!!!

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