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 Posted: Mon Feb 20th, 2017 06:40 pm
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A mexican friend of mine spent 2 years in prison, bribed his way out, after shooting a burglar in his home. The guy got out wounded, and the friend put a 3rd bullet into him on the sidewalk outside his home, killing him.

Even a man defending himself with his fists against a woman in his home can be dicey, so its a bad situation if you don't secure your home to prevent burglaries when you are home, and have insurance when there and when you are away.

I sure would like to see the Federal statue that says you can now legally buy a pistol in Mexico for home defense. I have registered many rifles and shotguns for $1 peso each with the military in HMO, but buying, transporting ammo or the arms is still illegal unless you are registered through a gun club for hunting and target practice. So an leniency on pistols is news to me.