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 Posted: Mon Feb 20th, 2017 12:48 pm
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johnmoore wrote: I feel this thread would be better served, if the focus was on prevention and how to handle any situation that might arise. Prevention meaning any preparation or deterrent that makes ones house a formidable problem for anyone trying to burglarize or rob you.
Well, I think it is worth discussing whether calling the police is an option for ".....prevention and how to handle any situation that might arise." 

Some who are ignorant of the ways of the municipal police in Mexico, may have a false sense of security, with respect to their presence. To me, calling them is not an option. Elements of the SC police force were known to have been involved in a burglary ring in several homes in SC. No victim ever got anything back;  gee, I wonder who took possession of all that stuff in police custody? They stonewalled every attempt to have possessions returned, even when people had legitimate proof of ownership. 

Why would I want to call them and have them looking at all my possessions?

There is now word that the woman, after assaulting and robbing some guy in his home, was captured by the police, paid a "fine" (LOL!), was released...........and had begun knocking on doors in the same neighborhood she was captured in. A neighbor who recognized her as the assailant of the neighbor, called the police.

They never showed up. Or so the story goes. Believe what you want.

I dont know what the solution is. You can't arm yourself. You dont dare do anything that might involve yourself in the "legal" system down here. That's a no-win situation. The perps know our fear of that. Yet, they can walk with a "fine". 

Law enforcement is refusing to do anything until she is apparently caught BY THE POLICE , red-handed, even though there are multiple witnesses to her crimes. Yet, their response time is somewhere between time-enough-to-let-the-perp-escape and........... never. 

This woman sounds really dangerous to me. Probably a meth freak. She's going to eventually assault some elderly person and they will end up mortally wounded and nothing will happen.

But the police will continue to drive up and down Beltones with their Xmas tree lit up..............

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